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S2 Episode 2: Dare The Devil 2

We express our love of Daredevil Season 2 in the episode of many twos. But first we take a look at the last episode of The Walking Dead before Easter.

S2 Episode 1: The Walking Dread

This is episode 1 of Season 2 of Adorkly Podcast! We talk our favorite tv series, mainly The Walking Dead and what the hell is Carol thinking? We bring up games we’ve been playing and anticipating. We’re dorks and we’re adorable. <3

Episode 15: Fave Couples of Geekdom

This episode is our belated Valentine special. We regale you with our favorite couples of geekdom! From Han and Leia, Harley and the Joker to Scully and Mulder.

Episode 14: Doctor What?

In episode 14 we ramble on about our Netflix binge watching, we ponder at Dr Who news; Steven Moffat leaving? And discuss what we’ve been playing and looking forward to play.

Episode 13: We’re Back!

We tried not to talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but alas! It happened anyway. We offered our opinions on Japan’s Geek Girl only Cafe. We covered a few shows we are watching like BBC’s The Fall. Oooh If you thought Christian Grey was bad news, check out Jaime Dornan  in this! Yikes.

We’re On Pause



Adorkly is unfortunately going on hiatus for the holidays. Cindy is moving to another town and will need some time to reorder life around. Thanks for listening! We will be back in full force in 2016 with more activity. For now you can catch all our episodes on itunes, follow our twitter:  AdorklyPodcast and join our our most active social media on Facebook.


Episode 12: Grimmest Expo

Episode 12 is all about the edmonton expo 2015!! We share our awesome weekend and try to keep it all in order. We discuss meeting Cary Elwes, Mark Meer, Jenna Coleman, Billy Boyd, Beecake and the Grimms! David Giuntoli, Bitsie Tulloch and Sasha Roiz. We attended panels and saw some amazing cosplay! We also had a few rants about our fellow geeks. Don’t be THAT dork. Tsk.

Enjoy the show, email us at Podcast@adorkly.ca, follow us on twitter @adorklypodcast and look for our Facebook.com/adorkly


Episode 11: In a Diner Far Away

Greetings Dorklies! Hope this September finds you well. In this episode we discuss Bioware and their plans for the last DLC of Dragon Age Inquisition along with other tweaks made to the game. Cindy profess her love for Star Wars The Old Reppublic and Hannah regales us with Assassin’s Creed Unity, which she likes, like a lot, okay? We are also getting ready to attend the Edmonton Comic Expo at the end of this month, yet again! Stay tuned to the end of the episode for an extra something or other.

Living The Dream

It’s almost september and Edmonton Expo is fasting approaching. We are getting our cosplay costumes in order and as I’m looking for my 3D paint bottle in vain I think to myself as I have on occasion; nobody my age would have been doing this 40 years ago. Even 20-30 years ago this would be an odd hobby for anyone over 25, hell no make that 20!

There was a time for everything back then and an eventual end to certain things. Today time is blurred, it’s difficult to tell how old someone is just by looking at them and we make time for everything we want even if we have to forgo sleep.

If course this mentality can form bad habits, however I do think our higher sense of freedim is a good thing. The more society advances the more welcoming it becomes of everyone as who they are. I think we are in an age of unprecedented acceptance. Sure it’s easy to focus on the groups that are secular in their beliefs and create outcasts, overall I think those people are getting fewer every decade.

Every child that learns to see all people as equals bring us closer to surmounting inequality and bring our society to our plave we can all feel and be at home.

Back to my cosplay I feel blessed that I live in an age where play is for everyone. To me there is a very small line betwen play and ritual, imagination and belief. Duty, responsibility is so easy to bear and even a joy to do so when you are able to live your dreams.

Episode 10: Say UNCLE

Happy August! This week Hannah and Cindy rave about the movie; The Man from Uncle. We briefly gloss over the terrible Fantastic Four movie (Really? Messed that up, again?) And talk about the games we’ve been playing which is mostly The Elderscrolls Online.